Virgin Australia is a disgrace

Have you heard the news about Virgin’s seemingly-innocuous request for a gentleman to change seats? I am outraged.

I encourage all and sundry to report their complaint to Virgin management. One easy way is with this form. I submitted the below.

Attn: Corporate Affairs:

I read with abject shock and horror the article in The Age this morning regarding the blatant discrimination of an upstanding member of our community. I refer to:

Aside from the obvious legal ramifications of violations to the Discrimination Act 1991 s20 inter alia (caveat: IANAL), this policy offends me as a human being. I have no doubt as to the report’s veracity, as your own spokesperson is quoted therein.

I previously held high regard for the Virgin brand and its, albeit corporatised, attempts at some moral authority in the marketplace. This authority has now been shattered. You may think this a minor issue of policy, or that even the inconvenience and embarassment to this man is outweighed by some ephemeral feeling of “protection” towards said unaccompanied minors. This is not just a naive view, but an illegal, immoral and socially destructive view. That this happened at all is an outrage. That you defened it afterwards is inexcusable. This is the 21st century, not the Salem witch trials.

I have already commited not to fly Virgin again. I will also be reviewing my other Virgin products & services in light of this incident. I have also distributed this note amongst my significant social media following, and will be encouraging people to take similar action.

I am proud to put my name up in defending not just the legal rights, but the moral fabric of society and the relationships people form therein.

If you are at all interested in corporate redemption, this incident should not remain within the confines of your PR department. It is a serious issue of brand integrity and trust and should be swiftly dealt with by your Senior Execute and Board. I can only hope, for your sake, that this “policy”, execution and explanation thereof is from the cadre of generally incompetent and self-serving Australian Middle Management, and not the true reflections of the corporate, personal, societal and ultimately economic ambitions of your leaders.


David Kellam
Yarraville, VIC

As an aside, I also hope you have a defamation suit coming for the harm you have caused this gentleman.

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