The Internet is a small place

Sometimes The Internet is just too small. Or too young*. Whatever it is, sometimes it’s a very small world. I’ve often had conversations about the best cartoons I remember from a kid (born 1981 in Australia, to give some perspective to that :P) but rarely bothered to take those conversations online.

The Mysterious Cities of Gold (Cites d’Or) manages a significant cult following online, including
a Facebook group and heaps of other sites:

  • 120,000 hits on Google for “Mysterious Cities of Gold” or 1.65M freeform
  • 137,000 hits on Google for “Les Mystérieuses Cités d’Or” or 240,000 freeform

You can also find the entire series – in decent quality here, lower quality elsewhere such as YouTube:

In short, a great show adequately preserved in Internet History.

Next, however, comes A.E.I.O.U.. This was an absolute classic. It used to air on ABC in the early eighties for a few minutes between shows – which shows I can’t remember, but I recall it airing around 1988. I managed to find the following:
The animation company
A Blog post
Reference to the series
However I can’t quite believe that the Google search results for “Francesco Misseri +aeiou” in English returns only 5 results, of which 3 are the same. Does nobody else remember this show or its stupid catchy theme song – nothing but vowels!

In this case, the Internet is too small: someone should post a video of this series online so that when people think I’m crazy for breaking out into random child-like song comprising nothing but 5 vowels, they will understand.

* Yes, I’m aware I’m referring to events post-Internet and pre-Web, but I’m using the term “Internet” holonymically for “the Web”.

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